PointCloudViz Free Edition

Mirage is proud to announce PointCloudViz Free Edition! You can now display huge LiDAR datasets, overlay orthoimages and export elevation grids for free. No strings attached, restricted features or time limits. It works in Windows, Ubuntu Linux anc MacOS X. Download it from www.pointcloudviz.com.

PointCloudViz Free Editition is a free LiDAR visualization tool built on Mirage's core technology behind EspheraNovapoint and PointCloudViz plugin for Petrel products.

This tool focuses on helping developing regions exploit LiDAR data in disaster management, especially flood prevention. PointCloudViz Free Edition has been commissioned by the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery.

The features of PointCloudViz Free Edition are:

  • LiDAR data processing from .LAS, .LAZ and text formats to provide interactive 3D visualization without data size limits
  • LiDAR symbolization based on RGB color, intensity and classification attributes, and also with elevation color ramp
  • Overlay of orthoimages, without size limit
  • Generation of digital elevation model (DEM) from LiDAR, without size limit
  • Compressed and compact storage for the LiDAR multiresolution pyramids, based on HDF5 file format
  • Fast generation of LiDAR pyramids
  • Connection to WMS remote map services for real time coloring of PointClouds
  • Connection to PointCloudViz LiDAR servers based on our new cloud server technology for distributing point cloud data to desktop and Web applications (see, for instance, here)
  • Interactive distance measurement and information tools
  • Attractive and intuitive UI design
  • Zoom tool to the complete extent of the dataset
  • Annotate your LiDAR datasets and share them with your team members
  • RPM and DEB packages for Linux
  • Option to use Z as depth when processing.

PointCloudViz Free Edition is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems.

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