PointCloudViz is a set of tools for displaying, processing and sharing LiDAR datasets. It provides reliable interactive visualization and attribute symbology rendering without data size limits. The smooth navigation and intuitive controls are key factors to improve the user experience. The same underlying technology is used to build all the PointCloudViz products ( desktop, server and Petrel Plugin) and can be customized to be integrated in any other software products.

PointCloudViz Free Edition

Mirage is proud to announce PointCloudViz Free Edition! You can now display huge LiDAR datasets, overlay orthoimages and export elevation grids for free. No strings attached, restricted features or time limits. It works in Windows, Ubuntu Linux anc MacOS X. Download it from www.pointcloudviz.com.

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PointCloudViz Server and Web Client

Using PointCloudViz Free Edition for processing massive LiDAR datasets, and our new server technology (PointCloudViz Server), we have built a really cool product to share huge LiDAR datasets across the web!

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PointCloudViz plugin for Petrel


Petrel is a high-end 3D geology and geophysical modelling environment focused on oil and gas reservoirs, developed by Schlumberger, the world's leader in oil and gas engineering.

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