Esphera is a high performance software platform for the integration, visualization and interactive analysis of massive 3D information, built on the expertise of world-known 3D and GIS experts. It takes advantage of the most recent graphics hardware capabilities and 3D software standards to achieve unprecedented data exploration and exploitation capabilities.

Mirage has tuned and extended the Esphera platform to support the following data sources by adding extensions to the modular Esphera architecture:

  • 3D objects imported from a variety of formats
  • GIS feature data
  • LiDAR massive datasets
  • Streamed geoprojected video in real time
  • Georeferenced panoramic images (as Google StreetView's) 

Mirage has also added support for dynamic LiDAR analysis via interactive geometric operators, including:

  • Distance to point
  • Distance to polyline (cables, pipes, reference lines)
  • Distance to 3D object (safety volumes, conflict detection)
  • Profiles
  • Visibility cones

Esphera development services

If your company needs to develop a custom application based on Esphera, Mirage provides its expertise to help you build a specific solutions for high-end geospatial visualization and analysis.





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