Release of MAGNET Collage Web

We have the pleasure to announce the release of MAGNET Collage Web, a cloud-based mass data visualization, extraction and distribution application.

MAGNET Collage Web works seamlessly with MAGNET Collage to allow you to publish and share your mass data maps in an easy-to-use, online program.:

  •  Ultra-fast, web-based point cloud visualization
  •  Handles 3D point clouds from Topcon sensors or other manufacturers
  •  Stream point clouds from web to MAGNET Collage Office
  •  Online information, measurement, section and feature extraction tools.
  •  Exports DXF, KML, SHP and other CAD and GIS formats.

Click here to see for yourself and download the brochure.

Mirage Technologies is acquired by the Topcon Group

We have the pleasure to announce that Mirage Technologies has been acquired by the Topcon Group, which develops high technology products for the health, mapping and positioning sectors.

You can see here the official press release.

As part of the Topcon family, Mirage will continue developing advanced technology products for 3D visualization and analysis of massive georeferenced data.

Mirage will also continue supporting existing products like our plugins for Petrel.

We are very grateful for the confidence of our partners and customers along these fruitful years.

3D Publisher 1.0 for Petrel 2015 released!

We are happy to announce the release of our new plugin, 3D Publisher for Petrel.


Petrel is the leading software for oil and gas reservoir modelization by Schlumberger. As an Ocean partner, Mirage Technologies already sells the PointCloudViz LiDAR plugin on this platform, allowing the workflow integration of very large point cloud datasets.

Now Mirage has developed a new general-purpose plugin, 3D Publisher, which provides Petrel users with powerful 3D content exporting functionality to exploit and distribute 3D data, models and simulation results in a variety of formats and media:

  • Electronic documents, using standard 3D PDF supported by free Adobe Reader software.
  • Web pages, using JavaScript supported in all main Web browsers.
  • Computer videos and animations, by exporting 3D formats like OBJ, 3DS and FBX, supported by 3D animation software like Autodesk 3DMax and Unity.
  • Interactive viewing using free open source tools like Open Scene Graph (OSG), by exporting OSG binary and text formats.
  • 3D printing, via STL format (for monochrome printing) and Collada format (for color printing).


What you see is what you get

3D Publisher uses a simple one-click interface to export the visible content of a Petrel 3D Window, using the same styles and options.

The exported data is structured in a node hierarchy, so the objects can be manipulated separately.

View of sample data in Petrel

View of exported sample data in free interactive 3D OSG viewer 

View of exported sample data in an interactive 3D PDF document

View of exported sample data in an interactive Web page (see also below)


Distribute content for free, no strings attached

As seen in the images above, by using 3D Publisher you can distribute Petrel content with free viewers, without any license fee. In addition, professional 3D video animations can be created via 3DS, OBJ, FBX and other formats.

Interactive models can be distributed via:

(*) Install Adobe Reader. Right-click on the above PDF link and choose "Save link as..." to save the PDF instead of opening it in the Web browser.

  • Embedded in a Web page, by exporting to .osgjs format, as shown in this example:


Example of embedded Web visualization of Petrel data exported with 3D Publisher.
(Use mouse buttons to navigate in the 3D view and mousewheel to zoom in/out)


How to get 3D Publisher?

If you are a Petrel 2015 users, you can get a free 14-day trial license, or request a quote at the Ocean Store.

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New version of PointCloudViz Web & Server

We are happy to announce a new version of PointCloudViz Web Server, our massive LiDAR server and Web client app deployed on Amazon Web Services.

This new update offers:

  • Faster and leaner data streaming
  • Exclusive high quality point cloud rendering with oriented splats filling object surfaces and lighting option
  • Measurement, 3D buffer and collaborative annotation tools
  • Embeddable iframe for Web pages (see below)

You can try PointCloudViz server for FREE with unlimited access, and then enjoy great rates to store more private or public LiDAR data:

  • Publish a sample LiDAR dataset for FREE: up to 100 million points, public access only, for a month (multiple contiguous LAS/LAZ/ASCII files can be combined into a single dataset)
  • No hassle pricing for additional data: US$ 5.00 monthly fee per each 100 million points or fraction, unlimited data transfers and connections
  • Public or private access: decide between public visibility of password-protected access for your data (not available for free sample)

Coming soon: private LiDAR access from our free desktop viewer.


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PointCloudViz 2.1 released!

We are happy to announce the 2.1 version of PointCloudViz, our free desktop LiDAR viewer, with great enhancements and exciting new features:

  • Zoom tool to the complete extent of the dataset
  • Annotate your LiDAR datasets and share them with your team members
  • New RPM packages for Fedora Linux
  • New option to use Z as depth when processing.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

Download PointCloudViz v2.1 from

We would like to thank all the users that reported their issues to us and suggested improvements! We will love to hear your feedback again!

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