About us

Our vision

Mirage was created in 2009 with the goal of providing specialized services and products focused on 3D visualization and analysis. The evolution of graphics acceleration hardware and software tools in recent years opened the door to handle massive and dynamic data in real-time, but appropriate knowledge and software components are needed to take advantage of this evolution.

Our focus is to provide solutions targeted to clients' needs for massive data display and exploitation in a variety of software and hardware platforms. Our components, based on dynamic data management cutting-edge acceleration techniques, are the building blocks to integrate modern data sources like streaming geoprojected HD video, laser scanner and LiDAR data or remote Web services into professional applications.

The team

Mirage's team has experience in both advanced research institutions (Institute of Robotics, Institute of Control Systems and Industrial Computing) and leading geospatial solutions companies like ESRI and IVER Technologies, working in national and international partnerships with universities and private companies.

Our background combines:

  • Automated multiplatform software development environments and methodologies
  • Interactive 3D visualization and computation
  • Visual simulation
  • Geographical information systems

In the Topcon family

Mirage was acquired in September 2016 by the Topcon group and now develops software products for Topcon.